UW Men's Rugby Sustaining Campaign

UW Men's Rugby Sustaining Campaign

Welcome to our registration engine for the UW Rugby Sustaining Fund. You are about to cement your place in UW Rugby history. Times are changing in collegiate rugby. The low level of organization and social focus of years past has given way to incredible competition in the Big Ten and across the nation. Programs are elevating their game in regard to coaching, facilities, equipment and travel. Current budget requirements have pushed well over $20,000 annually, without addressing tournament travel, with player registration fees approaching $500. Funding is essential in order to ensure that our Badgers can compete, and your contribution is critical in making this possible. Our goal for this Sustaining Fund is to address budgetary needs including program costs for the league, matches, gear, training, required league travel and coaching. We plan to hit the ground running when pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Strength is in numbers and our goal is to enroll every UW Rugby Alumnus. We have thus added a new $5/month membership level. If every one of us simply signed up for this level - the cost of a Starbucks coffee drink or a cheap lunch - this would provide tremendous financial stability to the club. This also allows every Alumnus to make a statement and to continue to be a part of the club that gave so much to all of us. We have enlisted the services of Kindful to ensure secure transactions and allow us to properly track your donations. 100% of the proceeds of this sustaining fund go directly to UW Rugby. Donations are processed through Madison United Rugby, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and are tax-deductible to the extent applicable by law. Should you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Houtsinger at murugbydirector@gmail.com.

To take this important historical step and become a part of UW Rugby History, please make a selection below and follow through the ensuing registration links. For those able, there are higher monthly amounts available as well. However, the amount is not as important as simply becoming part of our history and our future as UW Rugby members. Explanations of the predefined contribution levels are provided as follows:

$5/month – Alumni Member: Membership in the UW Rugby Sustaining Club.
$10/month – Sustaining Member: Membership in the UW Rugby Sustaining Club, entry and a roster spot in all Alumni matches.
$20/month – Premier Sustaining Member: Sustaining Member benefits plus a gift.
$40/month – Elite Sustaining Member: Sustaining Member benefits plus an elite gift.
$100/month - Exclusive Sustaining Member: Sustaining Member benefits an exclusive gift.
*Those wishing to make a one-time donation may choose that option before completing registration, or (preferably) mail a check made out to "Madison United Rugby" with "UW Men's Rugby" in the note section, to the following address:

MUR - UW Men’s Rugby
PO Box 45598
Madison, WI 53744